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Among the starry skies…

Among the starry skies
Lies my identity
Far from people who just admire the shine
Close to the people who make wishes
Beneath my light shines the dust
Which awaits a wind amidst the clouds
To spread the rays all over the sky
And feel the peace lying far from the waves of artificial emotions
Beneath the starry skies
Lies my identity
Formed of nothing but gases
Gases consisting of nothing but true feelings
Far from people who’ve lost faith in peace
Close to people who still believe in happiness
That self which makes one struggle for everything
Self which wants a heart more than anything else
Beneath the starry skies
Lie people demanding a lifetime of faith
And lie a bunch of them prepared to give the same
Among the starry skies lie gods
Who laugh at people promising each other to stay together
As they foretell the problems coming in the path
Little did they know about the people who struggle and succeed to overcome even the most confusing problems
For beneath the starry skies
Lies my identity
Far from people who just admire
Close to people with imagination…

It was the Magician’s eve’

Its was the magicians eve
The glow of the lights
Entagled in the smoke of his tricks
applaud of the audience
Dissolving in his spells
As the girl in the box
Prepared to dissapear
The memories were difficult to retrieve
The best i could remember
was the magicians eve
The charm of his moustache
And the disguise in his eyes
The sparkling black robes
And the shiny leather boots
Curiousity crawling beneath the feet of the audience
The confidence in his gestures
Perfectly hiding the emotions
For he found his spells unable
To bring back his mother
For his illusions couldn’t create
A vision of his childhood
For his dark smoke couldn’t rejenuvate the moments…
The moments spent in his mother’s lap
For the memories were difficult to retrieve
The best i could remember
It was the magicians eve…
The man found himself unable
To recollect the scenes from his childhood
And found himself numb while watching a dream
As he stood on the stage
Watching a thousand people
With mouths wide open
Hands engaged in clapping
Voices busy in cheering
The memories were difficult to retrieve
The best i could remember
Was the magicians eve…

Was writing a poem one day…

Was writing a poem one day
And heard a crowd saying
that a girl who touched a bud
opened up as a flower
She saw the stars
They started shining
She woke up in the morning
The sun rised
Little did they know
That it wasn’t the girl who did it
It was her vision
She admired the flower
She prayed to the morning sun
She looked at the stars
Only to find them more beautiful
Than people around
She finds them beautiful
Because she can trust them always
And thay they wouldn’t demand lifetime of a relation
People never missed out a chance to point out her flaws
But she never did ponder about the words spoken
Because she still is looking for herself
Looking for somebody who’ll actually understand how she feels inside
But she has got a hope
Which is spoonful but enough for her to depend upon
As she still admires the unusual things about herself…
As she tries to tell that she’s busy…
Somebody somewhere knows that she still takes out a few minutes every night…
Thinking about things which happened…
Things and people she could’ve stopped
Things that are still in her hand…
And fortune…
So she talks to the stars and clouds above…
For they seem to be her best friends
And every single person who’s ready to walk a few miles with her…
And know that she’s not what everybody sees…
She’s what she discovers about herself everyday…

That Violinist…

That violinist under the tree
Playing the same song everyday
Musical notes from his violin melting every possible stone around…
And with him a guitarist who would pluck the strings
To make every firefly spread its light
In the cloudy night…
They walked past the fields of sorrows and mistakes of all kinds
They walked past day and nights
Darkness and lights…
They kept walking with a dream
Of spreading peace and harmony
Amongst the dust they stepped onto
They kept playing to provide sleep to all those who seemed to be in pain…
Stopping a few times to collect two coins
Sometimes to pull out the thorns from their bare feet
Bleeding yet walking…
Dissolving blood in the dust they walked upon…
Bleeding till their fingers went numb
Singing even with the last breath which stopped with a fading melody…
That dust they used to walk upon…
Still blows with the wind…
Carrying their soothing music…
And providing sleep to those in pain…

Its all about hope…

Its all about hope and not expectations 
Its all about smiles and not celebrations

When in autumn the last leaf falls
falls a tear from eyes of the tree
but as spring breaks in
rolls down a tear of joy 
and gives a bundle to it
with a note that says
Its all about hope and not expectations
Its all about smiles and not celebrations

When in our lives
come the moments of farewell
falls a tear from our eyes
but as we make a promise to meet again
falls a tear of joy
which gives us a gift beautified by
a ribbon and a tag that says
Its all about hope and not expectations
Its all about smiles and not celebrations

When a child learns to ride a bicycle
the fear of falling pushes down a tear from his eyes
but as his father catches hold of him
rolls down a tear from his eyes
as hope whispers in his ears that he’s still secure 
and gives him a book with a title that says
Its all about hope and not expectations
Its all about smiles and not celebrations

It anyways doesn’t matter…

Is it just me
or some of my friends
laughing over useless thoughts
Is it just me
or my town
which grows old as years pass
It anyways doesn’t matter 
as long as we’ve time to ignore such things
as long as we are young  
Is it just the papers
or somebody’s trust
which someone tears in pieces
Is it just the sky
or some lives which turn dark
Is it just the stones
or memories which stay put in our minds
It anyways doesn’t matter
as long as feathers want to float
as long as that smile enhances our beauty
as long as we’ve got a hope to shine…

Is it just the flowers
or the relations which bloom
Is it just the bicycle
or our lives which we need to balance
It anyways doesn’t matter 
as long as we want to live 
as long as we overcome the obstacles 
Is it just the tree
or a family that keeps its roots firm 
Is it just the light  
or the knowledge that spreads
Is it just the frontiers
or the emotions that are confined
It anyways doesn’t matter
as long as we admire the beauty within
as long as we enjoy the delightful moments
as long as we are happy… 


Floating cork…

Take a break i say!

 Walking down a path

a path which has got no end

Running down a lane

a lane too narrow

Swimming in a river

which doesn’t meet an ocean

Take a break i say,

from this busy schedule

and watch the rains i say,

put this hectic survival race

in a bascule i say…

Socializing with a crowd,

a crowd with two faces

Working under people,

people who can’t tie their shoe laces

Trying to unfurl secrets,

secrets not meant to be shared

Take a break i say,

from this busy schedule

and watch the clouds i say,

put this intricacy

in a simplified state i say,

let this lopsided contingency

get attuned by itself i say,

Take a break i say,

put this hectic schedule

in a bascule i say…

Floating cork…

Its All About Dreaming…

”If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” ~ Walt Disney

Sometimes we just need to take a break from reality and watch dreams.Watching dreams is not simply watching them,its watching them because you need to turn them real.If not all,then atleast some of them.The dreams that we watch,define us.These dreams are a like a paper waiting to be turned into a plane!or a boat!or anything that we wish.

Nobody can stop us from doing what we want to do or what we want to speak,similarly no one can define the limit of our dreams,for us -‘The sky is the limit’. We can dream as big and beautiful as we want to,because the more big we dream,the more of an effort we put in to make it real. It varies from person to person,some watch it because they want that dream to spread over acres in reality,some watch it simply because they don’t want to try and put a step forward to make it big,some watch it because they like being in the world of dreams - a place where everything that a person wants exists,everything that he wishes for…he finds it in his possession.

But when such a person comes out of that world,he finds that he has nothing which he owned in his dreams,so he just spends another day and falls asleep just to try and get delighted by getting into that world again.But some people on waking up,move towards what they’ve seen and give their best towards making that dream come true.Dreams are the answers to the questions we haven’t figured out how to ask.A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.

So don’t just watch dreams,try turning them real.There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, “Yes, I’ve got dreams, of course I’ve got dreams.” Then they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and yes, they’re still there. ~ 

Floating cork…..


I wonder why people hate being alone.Being alone is just as good as meditation.It gives you time to think about your own self,to meet one’s own identity or create it,its simply a way of improving ourselves.When you cut off from the rest of the world for sometime,you gradually realize that things start slowing down,and to your amazement you start noticing all the activities you do in a day.
Most of the people reading this would say how can somebody isolate oneself,or that man is a social animal and he needs to live his life amongst other people.I totally agree,and I’m not even against it and why would somebody be?
Its just that in everybody’s life comes a point of time when one has to give time to himself,to avoid being in the company of people who basically don’t seem to care about him.There are certain cases in which people go for asking out other people their problems rather than spending a few minutes on their own self.
At first,this ‘being alone’ thing irritates a bit but as you move on you find new ways to understand your problems,and even finding solutions to them.
So,Go Ahead and spend a few minutes with your best friend-‘your own self’…..

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